Whether you are a small business owner own a big Corporation like KFC McDonald’s Facebook Amazon etc.  It is a common wish among all the entrepreneurs and big corporate owners to have ranked their website on the front page of Google. Now you must be thinking 

How to get your business to show up on google first?

All the tricks, tactics, and techniques that are involved in ranking your website on the front page of Google are called Search Engine Optimization.

I try to explain this term to you, it means optimizing your website concerning search engines.  Search Engine Optimization is divided into two main categories which are

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization 

The best practice that is associated with on-page SEO is you ought to do it while developing your website, and if you leave it later it is going to decay your off-page SEO.

Explaining it in simpler words to you on-page Search Engine Optimization refers to the techniques and tricks used for optimizing web pages to rank them higher in the search engine and the objective is to drive more organic traffic towards your website. A few years ago, the on-page SEO was mainly focusing on the placement of matching keywords on your page, keywords in title, keyword in Meta description keyword in H1, etc.  But this procedure is getting older and outdated. Now the new algorithms that are been introduced by Google can understand synonyms and linguistically related keywords implying that you don’t need to longer worry about the placement of keywords on your web pages. Here are some on-page SEO techniques 2020

Decrease the page load time

In 2010 Google announced that Page speed is a ranking factor And in addition that in March 2019 Google further stated that The page loading speed will be a ranking factor in a mobile-first world

So, when you are doing SEO for your website, you need to make your page load faster. The more your pages are going to load faster the more your visitor will be engaged with the content and the elements of your website.  Since now having page load faster is one of the ranking factors of Google that leaves you with choices like you could make use of many resources to help your page load faster. You can use a content delivery network along with a good hosting provider if you want to

Optimize The Title Tag

If your question is how to get a website on google first page. It is one of the most important factors of on-page SEO and yet it is also one of the easiest ones. The title of the website plays an important role because it is the thing that is usually shown in search results.  Professionals and domain expert people who are associated with on-page SEO have stated that the title tag must be between 52 and 70 characters in length complying with the same width of Google search results.

Working On The Meta Description.

Only optimizing the title tag is not important you also need to work on Meta description and if you ask me

What objective does the Meta description serve?

The Meta description allows someone who is searching through Google to click your link. Explaining it in different words Meta descriptions are used to create links from the search engines.

Generally, Google pronounces that Meta report doesn’t mark status profits and there is no usage of Meta account in their ranking algorithm. But it does and serves an indirect benefit.  Google makes use of click-through rate to figure out whether you are a good result and if more people click on your result you are considered as a good result and consequently aids in getting your ranks higher. This is why optimizing your Meta description is mandatory.

Engage Your Visitor On Your Website

When you focus on improvising on-page SEO the one question that opens comes into your mind is 

How Will I Increase The Time That Someone Spends On My Page?  

There are many answers to these questions you can use many tricks and techniques.  You can get benefit from improving your content, the more your content is engaging, the more they will spend time on your website. You can also make use of pictures, as they are regarded as one of the best ways to keep the visitor engaged. 

Working On The Permalink Structure

One of the important aspects of on-page SEO is that the URL is shown righteously.  You also need to make use of a target keyword in your URL and you need to stop using special characters, symbols, brackets, commas in the actual URL rather make use of the dashes to separate strings in the structure

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