Sometimes you wonder that you have put a lot of effort into Google Ads but nothing seemed to work out for you.  You also wonder if you are doing things the right way.  You also sometimes think you are not getting as much success as you should with ROI. Furthermore, you also often wonder you are not getting as much success as you should with Google Ads. In order to get leads from Google, you need to work a bit hard.

Let me tell you what the real deal is here, the Google lead generation system has now become a match trickier with landing pages. You simply cannot get away with a thin page. What mistakes people usually make is they make a landing page that doesn’t go along with the Google policies and is a thing to be landed on.  The idea of thin pages can simply work with Facebook, but they won’t do the trick for you in Google.  Another downside is that if you keep making the same mistakes the Google can also Ban your ads and the things are supposed to get hard from there.

 One question that might be running in your mind is that how I can get affordable leads that also go along with the Google policies.  It is always a good idea to read Google policies and the current policies which are prescribed by Google to run your ads. Investing in SEO lead is also a great idea. 

One phrase that is common with Google Ads is called lead generation which is, in short, is termed as lead gen, and as I talk of now getting approval from Google for your landing pages is getting harder and harder. You are simply not going to get away with the thin landing page. Always make sure that you have read the values and updated list of guidelines and policies given by Google Ads. 

Develop A Strong Landing Page

One of the stronger factors of generating more leads through the use of Google Ads is that you must develop or create a strong and thick landing page.  Your landing page must not be hard to navigate and every person should be able to use it without having any sort of difficulty. It must also include the relevant content, and it must include all the Useful information. Everything must be described in an orderly manner. 

You must not beat about the bush and the user should not have to wander here and there to find the relevant information he or she is looking for. You must be clear about what you have to offer and the grounds of offering your products or services. Along with that, your page must load real fast.

Mobile Friendly Websites

 Research has said that 61% of the whole searches are made to the use of mobile It has also become a fact that Mobile is in high demand on the desktop.

People access the website through their mobiles more than they do from the desktop, so your ads must look good on your mobile. You need to optimize your landing page as well so that it is mobile responsive and will look equally good on mobile.  Focusing on generating better business leads, you need to insert a click-to-call button which is also termed as CTC and you must provide the simplest path to your funnel and make it easier for the people on mobile to contact you. 

Working To Optimize Quality Score 

Word stream says that,

“Google rewards high-quality score advertisers with lower CPC and higher ad positions.”

You need to find the keywords that are extremely related to your brand and to stop focusing on rubbish keywords, and you need to increase your bit with relevant keywords. By doing this, it will improvise your average click rate and increase your quality score. Remarketing ads in increasing quality score because in this case you focus or target people who have formally shown interest in your ad from a previous search query, so you need to give drive your attention towards it.

Be Smart In Creating Ads

In the 21st century, there is a lot of competition out there and everyone is trying to get ahead of their competitors. The same is the case with Google Ads if your competitors have a higher rank than you then you need to analyze what their ads are all about, and you need to catch up with their secrets in order to perform better in terms of higher ranking. There are a lot of things that can be done, you can bid on the same keywords as your competitors or come up with an alternative set of keywords both of the options will give you and Upper Hand.  

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